The Customer is NOT the King. Then Who is?

After studying business for 5 years, trying my hand at and quitting over 14 jobs, trying around 10 startups before finding moderate success, going through innumerable case studies as a requirement for my teaching and entrepreneurial endeavors, studying the lives of some of the most renowned past and modern day entrepreneurs, I’ve found one thing […]

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How to Use Facebook Advertising to Get Students and Customers For Your Training or Workshop Business

Facebook marketing is changing the way advertising and marketing works. Gone are the days when you had to physically run around to paste flyers around the city and hand out pamphlets to fill your classes. In this article I’ll show you how you can get students and customers just by sitting at home with your laptop. […]

5 Deadly Mistakes Made by Facebook Marketers and How You Can Avoid Them

Facebook marketing is really changing the game for small and big businesses alike. With over a 1.5 billion users on it, Facebook’s ability to gather data from the information provided by its users and then use this data for running targeted ads has easily surpassed the capability of any other advertising platform. Gone are the […]


Why Blogging is the Most Over-Rated Term in Internet Marketing

The problem with blogging is that it’s often used without a strategy. I see many people who start a blog without having any objective in mind. Here’s the problem in starting a blog without any particluar objective in mind: It’s hard work with little rewards, especially if you don’t have a ready audience to read […]

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Five Questions That Will Help You Find Your Purpose in Life

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, and gives you a sense of meaning, joy and passion.” – Terry Orlick They say that life is meaningless, until it’s given a meaning. A lot of people simply drift through life without ever […]


Seven Mistakes Made by Online Entrepreneurs: And How You Can Avoid Them

The digital age has certainly opened a lot of avenues for people looking start a venture by making things cheaper, convenient, quicker and more reachable. But just like anything, it can all have a bit of a learning curve and it’s perfectly normal to commit some basic errors when you are starting out. This article focuses […]


How to Create a Professional Website On Your Own: Step-by-Step Video Series

Here is a video series I’ve made for people who want to learn how to develop their own website using the WordPress platform so they don’t have to rely on website designers. Hope you like it.

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How to Become an Authentic Entrepreneur: Choosing Yourself Over Business

When one thinks of entrepreneurship, the first image that usually comes in the mind is of a tiny office with people staring at laptops and sipping on their cappuccinos, hurriedly and worriedly working with ferocious intensity. And truth be told, that’s a fair reflection of what goes on in the world. My first ever job […]