Don’t be Addicted to Struggling and Adversity

Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer” – Niccolò Machiavelli

As we grow older, there is a part of our ego that almost starts to become masochistic in nature. We are not satisfied with anything that is readily available to us.

We start respecting only that which comes to us after some kind of struggle or the course of which involves us overcoming a lot of adversities.

While having the courage to overcome obstacles in life is definitely a virtue worth having, it is quite capable of becoming an obstacle itself when it forms a habit.

The reason why this happens is because this is how we are brought up. We’re made to believe that almost anything worth achieving, like good grades and a great job, require a vast amount of effort and struggle.

And when we do achieve these things, the glory that comes along with it conditions us into thinking that things which don’t involve struggle aren’t really worth having. It is assumed that since these were easy, they won’t help us to “survive” in this world.

What has made us believe that this perpetual NEED to find something difficult to achieve is a pre-requisite for survival?

In fact, a better question would be – Why are we so desperate to blindly dedicate all our life to such a vague notion that surviving is in the first place? If we’re always surviving, then when are we going to live?

Addiction to struggling not only robs us of the simple joys of life and relaxation of the present moment, it takes us away from who we really are.

When we force ourselves to always go for something that is not within our reach, we move away from our true nature because an objective that really comes from within will not cause a division between its pursual and accomplishment. It will be whole.

This is the chief reason behind the life crisis people suffer at different stages of their lives. They feel all that they achieved wasn’t worth the sacrifices they ended up making.

This is not to say that one should become lazy. In fact it’s completely the opposite. Following your true nature and the life that you genuinely value will require you to work very hard and have massive courage too.

But it will be work that you will love doing. There will be no division. The journey towards accomplishment will be as sweet as the destination.

In fact there will be no destination at all, just a way of living.

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