Focus On and Get Good at ONE Traffic Generation Method

Today’s lesson is a short one.

I see many marketers and entrepreneurs spread themselves thin by being on a lot of social media platforms and trying every trick in the corner to generate traffic.

You should avoid that since it can lead to burnout pretty soon.

What you have to do is to go deep into one method and become an expert in that.

For instance, for me, it’s Facebook marketing.

The first time I tried Facebook marketing, I loved it and never looked back.

The method you choose has to be enjoyable to you.

Before Facebook marketing,  I had enjoyed some success with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

But I did not enjoy it because of the following reasons:

  • It takes a lot of time
  • It’s very technical and boring
  • Google algorithm can change anytime and render all my efforts waste

But I know a lot of people who simply love SEO.

So it’s a personal decision that you’ve got to make.

But don’t go around trying every trick in the corner.

When you become an expert in one tactic, you start to see results because you are doing things better than 90% of the other people trying their hands at that method.

Also, your expertise will not just be rewarded in traffic, but also low costs because you would know how to achieve a higher efficiency in using that method.

If you were to ask me honestly, I would only recommend one strategy and that’s Facebook marketing.

It’s lot of fun and there has never been any platform (except for Google Adwords maybe) that can reach out to laser targeted customers in a super efficient and cost effective manner.

But I see a lot of people do Facebook marketing and advertising the wrong way.

They are quick to use those shiny blue “BOOST POST” buttons that Facebook offers.

They do so without any thought and any strategy.

And the result is a financial disaster.

And because of such experiences, they start thinking this whole online marketing thing doesn’t work.

That’s why it’s essential that you learn as much as you can and then apply.

One great resource to learn Facebook advertising (or anything else) is Udemy. Udemy is a platform where people put up their courses. Many courses there are free too.

Once you master one tactic, you’ll see that other things start to work for you too.

For instance, because Facebook generates so much traffic for my photography business, it helps me in my SEO too since people share the content on my website.

As of now, my website, www.creativepadphotography.com beats some of the bigger photography organisations and ranks first on Google for keywords related to photography workshops in Pune, though I hardly did any SEO.

Don’t try any voodoo SEO tricks to rank. Let things happen on their own.

But the key to remember is to master one tactic.

Like they say, go an inch wide and a mile deep.

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