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I sold my PlayStation to Start a Business

Around 3 years back, I sold my PlayStation to start my photography business.

I sold it for a measly 10k.

But this small amount was more than enough for me to start a business.


Because I knew how online advertising works.

I knew how cheap it was to advertise using online methods as opposed to using traditional offline advertising methods.

That few thousand rupees I earned were enough to run Facebook ads that resulted in sales for my business.

Why am I telling you this?

Because online advertising still hasn’t changed.

It’s still cheaper than any other form of advertising.

And that’s exactly why you should not even waste a second in starting to learn it.

Possessing knowledge of online marketing and advertising will give you such a huge advantage because you won’t have to rely on anything but yourself to start a business.

Very few people know about it right now and that’s exactly why you should jump into it.

It’s never been easier to start a business based around your passion.

In a few weeks, time I will be releasing a completely free Facebook advertising course here on this website.

But don’t wait for it.

Simply head over to Udemy, search for some free courses and start learning.

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