One of the Easiest and Free Techniques to Learn Online Marketing

A short but important lesson for you today.

One of the easiest way to learn marketing, especially online marketing, is to simply watch what other successful people are doing.

How do you do this?

Simply visit their website and look out for the way they try to get your e-mail address.

This could be an offer in exchange for which you have to give your email address, like:

  • A free e-book or course
  • Discount offer
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Free event tickets
  • Registration criteria to become a member

Offers like these are referred to as a lead magnet in the marketing world.

Because their job is to simply acquire the e-mail address of the visitor.

If you’ve been reading my free course Learn How to Start an Online Business in 5 Days , you would have seen why capturing e-mail addresses is one of the most important things you can do, something which amateur marketers don’t do.

Having an e-mail list lets you reach out to your customers anytime you want.

For instance, you are required to part with your e-mail address when you buy something from Amazon.

Now they can get in touch with you when another product in the same category comes up.

Also, let’s say you did not purchase the product.

Now, they can remind you about it so you can complete the purchase.

Basically, because of them having your e-mail id, they have a free and lifetime route to you anytime they want, unless you unsubscribe.

Apps these days serve a similar function.

That’s why everyone wants you to download their apps as quickly as possible.

Just like an e-mail, notifications from apps keep the brand in your mind.

So coming back to our technique.

Whenever you see such a lead magnet, deliberately give your e-mail id to see how the marketer tries to “seduce” you into buying their product or service through a series of e-mails.

I’ll give you an example.

I’m into conducting different types of workshops, so I’m always interested in learning how to improve the whole process of selling a workshop, right from acquiring someone’s e-mail to finally making sure they attend the event.

So to start the process, I can first figure out who the top workshop trainers are in my field.

Arfeen Khan happens to be one of them.

So I take the following steps:

  1. Search for Arfeen Khan on Google to find his website.
  2. On his website homepage, the first thing I see is his lead magnet, which is an offer to download the first chapter of one of his books, as you can see below:
  1. I enter my e-mail and wait for the time when his next event comes up.
  2. Till then I will notice how he warms me up to his services through various e-mails that he sends.
  3. Once the inevitable event e-mail pops up, I register for his event to see the exact registration flow.
  4. Then, if I want to take things to the next level, I can actually go to the event, especially if it’s a free one to see how he finally converts the registrants into buying customers.

So I can get an overview of a successful marketing strategy for free and with so much ease.

I hope this article helped you. Do leave your feedback below!

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