What is authentic entrepreneurship? Being happy with imperfection

In this podcast, I’ll be talking about what Authentic Entrepreneurship means using three points:

Authentic Entrepreneurship means to be imperfect when starting out.

I strongly believe that an entrepreneur, who is trying his/her hand at new things, needs to be imperfect. It is completely okay to not know how things work in the first go. It is important for you as an entrepreneur to just start with the implementation of the easy tasks of your idea – because starting with the easier tasks helps you get into momentum and so, it is extremely significant while building the foundation of your business.

However, if you choose to take on a hard task first or invest most of your effort to ensure that everything you do is no less than ‘perfect’, you’re more likely to get frustrated owing to the amount of energy (and time) required to complete your task. You might think of giving it up in the long run if your expectation does not match what you see.

Hence, I recommend you do the easier task first and let it be imperfect. An easy task helps you place the first step in your business idea (without just day-dreaming about it) and imperfection with your tasks while trying the first time adds to your business experience.

Authentic Entrepreneurship means to steer yourself in finding what you love.

Make your best efforts in figuring out what you love while building your business foundation about your idea. It’s fine to not know what you love in the first few attempts because a lot of times, it is not very easy to find. Don’t be disheartened and keep reminding yourself about figuring out your love, bit-by-bit.

As an entrepreneur starting off, whatever you’re doing in the initial phases (I recommend the ‘easy tasks’) is fine but always keep trying to answer the question: ‘Do I like what I’m doing?’ Continue with your efforts if the answer is ‘Yes’. However, if it is a ‘No’, remember that you’re not obligated to do something you do not love.

Authentic Entrepreneurship means to just do it!

Don’t stress yourself with too much of planning and perfection during your initial steps at building your business. Remember that whether you succeed or fail in your attempts – you learn and gain experience, which will definitely help you and your business in the long run. Therefore, setting out with your idea – no matter you succeed or fail – will always be a win-win situation for an authentic entrepreneur like you.


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