Why Blogging is the Most Over-Rated Term in Internet Marketing

The problem with blogging is that it’s often used without a strategy.

I see many people who start a blog without having any objective in mind.

Here’s the problem in starting a blog without any particluar objective in mind:

  • It’s hard work with little rewards, especially if you don’t have a ready audience to read your articles.
  • It’s time consuming and can take a considerable amount of time if you’re only relying on traffic coming from search engines.
  • It’s difficult to maintain consistency in coming up with new content.

These factors usually sap the energy of an enthusaistic blogger and more often than not, the blog quickly fades away.

In fact, my own blog here is very inconsistent at the moment simply because it’s not tied to any financial objective. I’m simply writing these articles because I love writing and helping people.

But because I’m doing well in my other online ventures, I can afford to keep doing this as a hobby.

But there are a lot of people out there who think that they will start a blog and suddenly from somewhere money will start flowing in.

That’s not how it works. At least, not nowadays since there’s so much competition.

In fact many people assosciate online marketing with blogging.

The truth is that you don’t even need a blog to start an online business.

You can just have one page that displays the product or service that you are selling and that can be enough.

For instance, Creative Pad Photography may look like a very big site with a lot of pages and a blog, but there’s actually only one page that contributes to majority of the revenue, which is the main workshop page.

You just need one page that is talking about your products or services and which has a clear call to action for the user to make a payment or get in touch with you.

Everything else in the website should faclitate the process of making a user land on your one of your main pages.

And that’s where a blog should come in.

A blog should SUPPLEMENT your strategy and not be the strategy itself.

I’m purely talking on an average basis. There are many bloggers out there who have only relied on blogging but they are exceptions.

So basically speaking, you should have something to sell and then use the blog to market that product or to achieve a sepcific objective like collecting leads.

Simply writing article after article is too much of work and won’t generate any ROI.

Start thinking of blogging as a form of advertistment because that’s what it is.

I hope this tip helps you by making your work more enjoyable and efficient.

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