Why Watching Television/Movies is a Sign of Low Level of Consciousness

Hi, this is Episode Number Three from my new podcast.  This is Kush Sharma from Kush-Sharma.com and in this podcast we’ll be talking about why watching television, especially fiction television, that’s what we’ll be concentrating on, is a sign that your consciousness is operating at a lower level.  So of course when I’m making these podcasts, there’ll be a lot of podcasts where I will be judging, for example in this podcast in fact I just feel that judging and all is just a fancy term, I think everyone judges, it’s just a natural human tendency, so I’m just going to say what I believe in.  And of course throughout whatever I’ll be saying in this podcast does not mean that my own consciousness is at very very very high level, it’s just that as I’m going to be telling you in this podcast that watching television is a kind of an escape, that’s what we’ll be focusing on, and I have my own escapes or I may have my own escapes in some other forms so I’m not trying to through this podcast say that I’m on some moral high ground as compared to others.  We will not at all, we will just specifically talking about this particular aspect right now which is watching television, mainly fiction television.

So why do I feel that this is a sign of low consciousness?  And the reason for that is because you see when you operate at a high consciousness you start to understand yourself really well, much better than what you did before, and with that you start to understand life better.  So the problem with watching television is that…especially fiction television…is that it’s not real and once you start to understand yourself better and your consciousness level grows what happens is that just naturally you start to move away from anything that is not real.  So anything that is not bringing you closer to the truth you just start to move away from it, and fiction television is probably the worst thing you can do to feed yourself with something that does not exist.

So I’m going to be talking about non-fiction also in just a while, but the main culprit is fiction television.  By fiction television I mean all your serials, all of these series that are very popular these days, your movies.  So if you are finding that you need to watch this series or because this new series has come out and your favorite actors appear, or this new movie has come out and you just have to watch it because there’s so much hype around it, I totally feel, I mean I will say this without any hesitation that I feel that such a person is operating out of a low-consciousness level and they do not understand themselves and their nature very very well.
Another problem with watching television is that you are not the producer so you are not the creator there, you’re just a spectator whether it’s fiction or non-fiction by the way, so you’re just a creator…you’re just a watcher, and once you start to understand yourself that’s another thing that happens.

So the first thing that happens is you start to move away from anything that is not real.  Second you start to naturally move away from anything in which you are not involved…involved in the creation of.  Well ultimately humans like creating something, so if you operate from a high consciousness level you understand yourself better you start to move away from things in which you’re not involved in the construction or the creation or the development of.  So while the person who’s making that fiction series or the movie can definitely be operating at a high consciousness because even though they’re creating this, even though it’s fiction but they’re the ones who’re creating it, but if you’re a mere spectator in this whole process and you enjoy it…actually no one enjoys it, as I’ll be talking about it soon, it’s just the escape.

So if you’re addicted to this it just shows that you need to spend some time with yourself and try to understand yourself more because these two things will definitely happen, it happens to everyone, for example any person who meditates a lot this is bound to happen.  So any person who spend a lot of time trying to just understand their nature this is bound to happen that you will move away from anything that is not real and you will move away from anything in which you are not involved.  And what happens when you don’t understand life and this is the reason why you get addicted to fiction television.  The reason that when you don’t understand yourself and you don’t understand life as how you can understand it what starts to happen is that you start to avoid a lot of things that are not going according to your desire, you start to escape from all that.  So things are not going according to how you would want them to go so you need an escape now, and what better escape than to just switch on something that totally takes your mind away from the reality.

So staying on this point, sometimes it can actually be good because we all need a break, so sometimes it can be a great thing, it can be a kind of a meditative trip that you can have on television just by watching something that takes your mind away.  For example I love watching football because it just takes my mind away sometimes from things.  But to get addicted to it is another thing, then that’s where the problem is, that’s where that escape, if it’s on a short term, it’s fine but if there’s a need to do all this, and I see that in a lot of people that they need to watch this new season or they need to finish this whole season in one go, or they need to just go to the theatre and watch this movie which is coming out, if they don’t it’s just something going to…something will not be fulfilled in them.  Then I think it’s definitely a problem.  Even if you’re mildly addicted, it’s a big problem.  So if you’re planning to just use it for relaxation purpose it’s fine, but even if you’re mildly addicted and if you like watching all that this definitely is a sign of low consciousness.

For that matter this even applies to reading fiction.  this happened to me almost in a parallel way that I just started moving away from all kinds of fiction television and at the same time I started moving away from all types of fiction books …I cannot even read a fiction book anymore, it’ll have to be something extraordinary for me to really read a book or to even watch a movie nowadays.  And it happens to a lot of people, I’m just giving my own example, I’ve known a lot of people who have taken this consciousness too who want to know about themselves and who want to grow and who want to understand their nature, it’s a byproduct of this that when you start to understand yourself you will just move away from anything that is not real.

Right, so that was the rant and…you should really evaluate yourself and the time that you’re spending on watching fiction television especially.  You can really really devote that to much more productive activities, even to non-productive activities like just getting to know yourself because what I see, especially in people of my age is that there is absolutely no desire to find something about yourself, what do you like to do, what is it that you want to…what is the path that you want to take, what is your passion, stuff like that is just being pushed aside as some kind of a…as some kind of hogwash you know, as some kind of a spiritual BS kind of talk.  But I don’t think that’s true at all, I think you can only find happiness once you start to really look within, and anything that takes you away from this, especially on a long term, if you’re really addicted to it, like television, should really be avoided.  And once you see and taste the creative side when you are actually making something and other people are involved in watching it you’ll see the high that you get is completely on another level as what you got when you were watching, it cannot even be compared.

So the whole point of this podcast is that try to be the creator, don’t be the spectator in things, that is the main reason why the people who just watch operate out of low consciousness because people of high consciousness are directly related and bothered about creativity, they want to be the creators because it just produces a kind of happiness which is not possible in passively involved in something, you have to be actively involved too.

So yeah, that was the rant and I hope I like this, so just wait for my next podcast if you’re interested in these things.  I know might get a lot of people who might just completely stop listening to me thinking that I’m judging and all, but that’s not the case I’m just exactly giving it off like how I feel. I’ll see you the next time, thanks for listening to me.  Bye for now.

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