Why You Should Give Up Reading or Watching News

You should stop watching or reading news because n.e.w.s stands for – Negative Echoes of Worldwide S**t.

When was the last time you read or heard news with headlines like below:

  • School students help blind man cross a road and everyone around appreciated and was happy.
  • A Hindu and Muslim family sat together to have a meal and had a great time.
  • The flight scheduled to land in Delhi did end up landing in Delhi.

Chances are that you haven’t or even if you have, it’s rarely the case.

The problem is that such news does not provide an escape to miserable people.

In fact when miserable people see other people suffering, they feel consoled.

People who produce news recognise this fact and exploit it to the max.

That’s why they scavenge around for all the miserable things happening in the world, find the most miserable amongst all the miserable things and then print it as news.

Such news is capable of providing a great escape.

It’s basically just like any other entertainment.

Have you ever asked yourself – How much of the news you read actually impacts your own personal life?

You’ll find that almost none of it does.

But at this point you can raise a fair point – What about the news that is really important and that does affect my life?

The answer to that is that you don’t need to read or watch news to come to know about it.

Take the recent demonetisation issue as an example.

You really think you wouldn’t have come to know about it if you did not read or watch news?

Your friends would talk about it.

You would see it on Facebook.

You would overhear it somewhere.

You would definitely come to know about it.

The only way you could not have come to know about it would have been if you were living in a far-away cave in the Himalayas.

Actually, even then you would come to know about it because let’s say, to get food or other necessities, you would be required to travel occasionally to some shop. There, the shopkeeper would refuse to take your old notes.

Basically, if the news is REALLY important, you WILL come to know about it.

This is the only news you should really be bothered about.

And the best part about such news is that it comes to you, you don’t have to go to it.

Not reading or watching news is the best way to filter out all the garbage that goes around as news and restrict yourself only to the essential pieces of information that do have an impact on your life.

When you do that, you save energy.

Energy that was going for waste.

And this energy and time can be dedicated to learning new languages, learning an art, starting a business, getting a better job, spending more time with family, improving your relationships, etc.

The right use of this energy will make YOU the source of your own entertainment instead of relying on external sources.

Most people rather read or watch news (or television in general) because the entertainment is easier to get.

It requires no effort.

You just have to read or watch. You are not actively involved.

Our energy can either move up or down.

Moving down is easy because it requires no effort.

Entertainment from news is passive and hence does not require creative effort on the part of the reader.

To make your energy move up is tougher.

Because it has to be an active effort.

You have to be involved in it.

You have to take your life to a new level for that to happen.

That’s why most people prefer the passive approach.

Don’t be that person.

Because you’ll only love your life when you start doing things that entertain yourself. That’s the best kind of entertainment.

Once you do that, you’ll never go back to the passive way.

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  1. Himanshu
    Himanshu says:

    I completely agree with you on the content provided by the NEWS channels or NEWS papers. To get updated it is not at all necessary to switch to a news channel as we can get the news from other sources like Twitter, FB, Whatsapp etc. but the point is there are still some news you need to get hold of like important political developments, business world, technology etc and for that you can not rely on only one resource.

    • Kush Sharma
      Kush Sharma says:

      Fair point Himanshu. I agree with it too. You have to find what’s important to you and restrict yourself to that. That’s completely fine. This post was aimed more towards who are addicted to news and are usually unaware about it.


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